KIT-e brings the industrial IOT into your company in a simple, rapid and non-invasive way.
KIT-e communicates with existing systems, provides connectivity, stores and manages measurements, monitors alarms.


Some of the results that can be achieved with KIT-e.

Download data from remote electricity meters without installing any software, buying any modems or signing any contracts with the operators. Read registers, load surveys and synchronize the meters in real time or schedule automatic operations. View data in reports and graphs with configurable integration period.

Aggregate the data downloaded from the meters with complex formulas in order to produce the reports needed to meet the requirements of institutions and regulations (such as, for example, ISO 50001).

Keep track of the legally relevant registers of the meters without having to go to the plant.

Get the measurements from the MODBUS outputs of existing PLCs and devices (temperature, pressure, flow, vibration ...) or from the analogue and digital outputs of the sensors in the field (GAS, heat, water, compressed air, demineralized water….). Send the data to the database in the cloud via Wifi, ethernet, or cell network.

Visualize data coming from field devices in numerical and graphical format in real time.

Send alerts on configurable events (exceeding thresholds, no signals, activating indicators, etc.) to local systems or through the cloud.

Monitor the electricity consumption using the KIT-e sub-metering system

View the measurements via the KIT-e-Web site, the apps for smartphones and tablets, or access directly the data in the cloud via the available APIs.

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