KIT-e Blocks

Modular data logger

kite block-1x

The KIT-e modular data logger allows the acquisition of measurements from analog and digital sensors and from devices with MODBUS output.
By combining the CPU module with the signal acquisition modules and the communication modules the user can create the data logger suitable for his needs, that can transfer the data to the cloud using the desired communication channel. The KIT-e Blocks are self-configuring on the KIT-e system, but can also be used with different platforms as data upload is done through the standard REST and MQTT protocols.

The signal acquisition modules can be equipped with digital and analog inputs, and can be combined to obtain more complex data loggers. The analog input modules can be connected to the outputs of different types of probes and sensors (voltage outputs, current outputs, PT100 probes etc.).
Moreover, the modules can also be equipped with analog and digital outputs, which can be used for repeating incoming signals or controlled directly by the KIT-e system according to programmable conditions that may also involve different KIT-e Blocks connected to the system.

Data can be uploaded via the integrated Ethernet interface (that can be also connected to a Wi-Fi router) or via the communication "blocks" (4G and NB-IOT modules are available).

KIT-e Sub

Sub-meter and analyzer

kite sub01kite sub02

KIT-e Sub is an extremely compact and easy to install sub-metering device, that uses specially designed openable CTs to pick up the current and voltage signals.
The device can be connected to single-phase and three-phase systems and can measure not only the active and reactive energy but also several other parameters such as apparent energy, power factor, maximum demand, voltages and currents of each phase, the harmonics and even the temperature of the cables.

KIT-e Sub is equipped with a 4G, NB-IOT or LoRa integrated communication module; when LoRa module is used, a KIT-e LoRa concentrator is required in order to transfer of the measurements to the cloud.
The device is easy to be integrated into third-party systems as well since it is equipped with an RS485 Modbus RTU port.

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