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"KIT-e is the solution to manage all the industrial measurements in a simple and efficient way"

kit-e industrial IOT

The smart system for the energy efficiency

KIT-e is the system for the acquisition and management of energy measures through the cloud.
Complete and scalable, KIT-e has been designed to make the telemetry and the management of the plant energy carriers as simple and open as possible. KIT-e allows the reading of the production and consumption data from the electricity meters avoiding the need to install software, buy modems or other communication devices, and sign contracts with phone companies; furthermore, with KIT-e it’s possible to collect the measurements of any type of energy meter (heat, gas, water ...) or field sensor and send them in real time to the cloud. All the measurements can be then managed through the web site or using the apps for smartphone and tablets.

KIT-e offers a complete service, a wide range of measuring devices, reliable cloud databases and, for those who prefer a more traditional solution, also a powerful software, available in several versions, that can satisfy all the possible needs, from the management of a small installation, to the analysis of the production and the consumption of large plants distributed throughout the territory.

kit-e the smart system for the energy efficiency

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